June 6, 2014

"There Are Two of Us"


we have recorded an album. It's called "There Are Two of Us" and it's got eight tracks on it:

Anonymous God
The Shrill
Patti Smith
I Can See Now
There Are Two of Us

It will be released on vinyl via Sic Life Records and this is how it's gonna look like:

Release is due 18/07/2014 and you can already preorder it here.
For the moment this only works for German orders, but we're working on a solution for everybody else.
In the meantime (or if you don't wanna pay via Paypal) you can just drop us a line at itsasicliferecords@gmail.com as well, we will work something out.

In other news, we are planning a tour for August (06/08-17/08), if you want us to play somewhere, get in contact: philipp.ohnesorge@gmail.com.

Thanks, bye.

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