July 17, 2013

It's that time again...

Hey guys, I just came to look at this blog again and found the last post to be kind of long ago, so here's a little update:

Last weekend we played at our favourite place to be, AKZ Recklinghausen. They had a little party for their 10th birthday. We didn't fuck up our set, which is good I guess and afterwards we danced our little feet off with all of our friends, definitely fun times!

Now we're taking a little break, I'm writing my bachelor thesis and André is preparing for his final exams. Meanwhile the songs we recorded earlier this year are being mastered, two of which we gotta put on a sweet little 7" Split with our friends from Port Rois. Hoping it's gonna hit the pressing plant pretty soon.

Hitting the road in August again, check the "Live" section or facebook for more information, here's the flyer for the show in Frankfurt:

We're looking for help for the 30th of August: We want to play somewhere in west/south germany with the beautiful Dulacs. You know something? Get in contact.

The last two bits real quick, because i get bored writing up this shit:
2. We got a shirt now. Check it out!


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