February 13, 2014

"We like roaches: Neva dyin', always livin'."


there's absolutely nothing new. But the last time we posted something was over half a year ago, so here's a write-up, just for the sake of it.

Last year was fine. We learned a lot, met a few cool gals and dudes and we think, we're better now, than we were twelve months ago, so that's not too bad... Ah! We met Blake Schwarzenbach and gave him one of the like eight (?) shirts we made, the last one, to be accurate. He's probably wearing it right now, working in his backyard or doing his laundry, at least we'd like to think so. Nah, he most likely just threw it away five minutes after we gave it to him.

Kinda took the wrong turn there, here's the important part:
At Rama Tonstudio, with the wonderful Christian Bethge, who is a dear friend of ours now. Currently working on the mixes, but we're most def. gonna put it out this year. Time will tell.
Ah yeah: Next Shows
02/21/2014 with Lost Girls in Marburg @ Café Trauma
02/22/2014 with Lost Girls and Die Nerven in Wiesbaden @ Schlachthof

Swing around, say hi and watch us making a fool of ourselves.

Love, bye.

P.S. Here's a funny pic of Philipp, strolling along the beautiful roads of Andalucía to round things up:

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